President’s Message




The practice of Radiology continues to be one of the most dynamic and integral sub specialties of medicine. The very training of our future colleagues has and will undergo dramatic changes in pace with the fluidity of payment reform, value based medicine, and practice consolidations.
We can seem awash in acronyms such as MACRA and PQI. At the core of what we do is now and will be high quality, efficient, readily available, and actionable diagnostic imaging and interventions. This is what must guide us through threats of disruptive technology, ever confusing hospital affiliations, and increasing demand under scrutiny of resources. The business of Radiology is upon us. We can thrive in this environment by tracking and
demonstrating value, the cost savings of imaging, the typically excellent outcomes, and ongoing proficiency in skill. The Mississippi State Radiologic Society (MSRS), in partnership with the national ACR is well positioned to advocate our benefit to our patients and society at large.
There have been recent successes in cancer screening coverage ( low dose chest CT, virtual colonoscopy, breast tomosynthesis), in Radiology’s role as the expert in appropriate imaging use, in partially reversing MPPR, in the pace of innovation, and others. So, join us at the MSRS in supporting and effecting change for the good. John F. Kennedy said ” Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”. Let’s focus on our patients futures. That will be our guide.