It is that time of the year again: The March Chapter Challenge is now underway! The #marchchapterchallenge is an annual campaign to see which state chapter can rally the most members to contribute to RADPAC.

As the ACR’s political action committee, RADPAC makes sure that our voice and interests as residents, fellows, and future practicing radiologists are well represented in Washington. This, as you all know, is only becoming increasingly important as the healthcare debate continues to unfold into the next election cycle and beyond.

There is no minimum to contribute, and each contribution counts as 1 point, meaning that this is the chance for residents and fellows to make it really count for your state! Also, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of RADPAC, those who join the 20/20 campaign – $20 monthly donation until December of 2020 – will earn 2 points! More information regarding the 20/20 campaign can be found at

To donate today,  click here!