Confused about mammography screening?

Confused about mammography screening? Don’t be, here are the facts

– Courtesy of the Society of Breast Imaging –

• Before mammography screening, half of breast cancer patients died from breast cancer.

• One out of six breast cancers occur in women in their 40’s.

• Breast cancer may not become lethal, but science cannot predict which cancer will grow and which will not.

• Risk-based screening has no scientific basis. Most cancers affect women whose only risk factor is their gender. Risk–based screening will miss 75% of breast cancers.

• For every 1,000 women screened there are less than 100 women asked to come back for additional views. These are usually to clarify an insignificant area. Less than 10 of 1,000 women will be recommended for a minimally invasive core biopsy. Two of these 10 biopsies will find a small breast cancer – before it has spread to the lymph nodes and requires chemotherapy or a mastectomy.

The Society of Breast Imaging‘s goal for its End the Confusion initiative is to provide evidence based information on breast cancer screening.